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Planar Inductors Handle High Current

Addressing the need for high-power planar inductors, the series 50002 SMT planar inductors are available with current ratings up to 40A. Measuring 20 mm x 20 mm x 8.2 mm, they and inductance value of 0.9 ?H or 90 Ampere turns with dc resistances as low as 0.6 milliOhms. One to eight turns are available for inductances and current ratings up to 25 µH/5A. The part-number 50002 is a 1.55 ?H/30A inductor with a dc resistance of 1.2 milliOhms and an operating frequency from 100 to 300 kHz. Peak ripple current is 3A and total peak current is 33A. Short-term overload current is 40A and total losses at 80?C are 1.6W with a hot spot of 100?C. Prices are in the range of $4 each/1,000. PAYTON AMERICA LTD., Boca Raton, FL. (561) 989-9585.


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