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Polymer Aluminum Electrolytics Deliver High Capacitance

Polymer Aluminum Electrolytics Deliver High Capacitance

The ECAS series polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the company’s first non-ceramic based capacitors, reportedly exhibit strong ESR performance when compared to traditional electrolytic capacitors and provide similar characteristics when compared to multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). Applications for the ECAS series capacitor include computer, audio/visual, and telecom. The components employ a resin molded case structure, utilizing multilayer aluminum foil for the anode and solid conductive polymer for the cathode. Capacitance values range from 6.8 mF to 470 mF with working voltages from 2 to 16 Vdc. According to the company, unlike MLCCs, these capacitors do not exhibit capacitance drop with applied dc voltage. Sample pricing for the ECAS series is approximately $0.35 to $1.60 each depending on the part number. MURATA ELECTRONICS NORTH AMERICA INC., Smyrna, GA. (770) 436-1300.


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