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Power Cap Reduces Component Count

Designed for power-factor correction (PFC) chores, the MKK440-D- 56-01 capacitor specifies a 56 kvar rating for a supply voltage of 440V at 50 Hz. These specs make it possible to implement a 50-kvar stage using a single capacitor, which normally requires two 28-kvar capacitors to create a 50-kvar stage in a PFC system with a detuning level of 7% in a 400V grid. In addition to PFC applications, the component is also said to reduce distortion and harmonics in the grid, improving and stabilizing power quality. It is rated at 3 x 307 μF at 74A. Other features include a self-healing design, lead-free packaging, and a mean life expectancy of 115,000 hours at 5,000 switching operations per year. For further details and pricing, call EPCOS INC., Iselin, NJ. (732) 906-4300

Company: EPCOS INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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