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Power Inductor Sports Unique Shape

Two SMT power inductors are designed with a unique shape, called squaroid, that is said result in allow-inductance component with high dc ratings, low resistance, small profile, and a low cost. The title squaroid is derived from the inductors square or rectangular shaped ferrite core.
The VOLTA series squaroid inductors come in inductance values from 100 nH to 200 nH with dc current ratings from 10A to 15A for switching frequencies between 300 kHz and 1 MHz. Intended for use with semiconductors from Volterra, these inductors measure as thin as 3.17 mm with dc-resistance values of 0.45 milliohms. They operate in temperatures from -40°C to 125°C and are magnetically shielded. Available in two sizes, the 100 nH P1681T costs $0.39 and the 150 nH P2005T and 200 nH P2004T, cost $0.52, each/100,000.

Company: PULSE

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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