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Power Inductors Feature High Current Ratings

Collecting, filtering and smoothing AC ripple current in dc circuits, such as found in switching power supplies and portable electronics, the DXM series lead-free power inductors have current handling ranges of up to 30A and inductance ranges of 0.2 to 10 µH. The low voltage, high current magnetic devices are also said to provide excellent coplanarity and are designed to reduce failure modes often found in plating and solder terminated wires and leads. In addition, the devices use a 200°C insulation system and have a -40°C to 155°C operating temperature range. DXM power inductors currently come in a 13 mm x 13 mm x 6 mm package and are priced at $0.45 each/100,000. TYCO ELECTRONICS, CoEv Magnetics Div, Menlo Park, CA. (800) 227-7040.

Company: TYCO ELECTRONICS - CoEv Magnetics Div

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