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Power Inductors Handle High Current In Dense Circuitry

Expanding the SHS family of inductors, the SHS-705 and SHS-703 series both offer 100% ferrite shielding for high-density, high- current applications. Inductance levels for the SHS-705 series range from 10 to 1000 µH with corresponding DCR maximums ranging from 0.05 ohms to 6 ohms and DC current maximums from 1,840 mA to 180 mA. The lower profile SHS-703 series provides inductance ranges also from 10 to 1000 µH with 0.08 ohms to 9.44 DCR maximum, and dc current maximums from 1,650 to 150 mA. Both series measure 0.287"(L) x 0.287"(W), with SHS-705 inductors standing 0.167" high and SHS-703 inductors, 0.126" high. Construction of the devices consists of a wound ferrite bobbin covered by a ferrite sleeve. Operating temperatures for both coils range from -40°C to 105°C. Pricing is $0.41 each/10,000, with delivery from stock to six weeks ARO.

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