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Power Inductors At Home In Cramped Quarters Of Handheld Devices

With a tiny footprint and 2-mm maximum height, the PG0040 and PG0041 series of shielded surface-mount power inductors are well-suited for use in portable handheld devices, such as digital cameras, web devices, mobile phones, and remote controls. The PG0040 provides low inductance and high saturation current for power applications, while the PG0041 offers high inductance for electroluminescent backlight applications. A magnetically shielded, drum-core construction helps ensure low electromagnetic interference. And a flat-top, self-leaded design allows the inductors to be handled in pick-and-place equipment. The inductance ratings for the PG0040 and PG0041 series span 0.7 µH at 1.2A to 3.5 mH at 19 mA values, while the dc resistance values range from 30 m_ to 37_. Operating temperature for the components extends from -40_C to +85_C. The models are available in tape-and-reel packaging, with 2,500 units per reel. Pricing is $0.22 each/1M units and $0.30 each/200,000 or less quantities. PULSE, San Diego, CA. (858) 674-8100.

Company: PULSE

Product URL: Click here for more information

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