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Precision Resistors Can Handle High Voltages

Manufactured with firm's proprietary Tetrinox Film System that achieves a low temperature coefficient and a low voltage coefficient with high stability at high operating voltages through a temperature range of-55°C to 125°C, the TG series of resistors is designed to meet the demanding stability requirements of applications such as TWT power supplies and electron microscopes. Temperature coefficient is 25 ppm/°C (15 ppm/°C optional) and stability is 0.25% per 1000 hours maximum at 125°C at maximum voltage. Typical stability is 0.10% per 1000 hours (first 1000 hours) and 0.05% per 1000 hours (second 1000 hours) at 125°C at maximum voltage. Voltage rating ranges from 4 to 48 kV.

Company: CADDOCK ELECTRONICS INC. - Application Engineering Department

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