Electronic Design

Program Quickly Calculates Transformer Design Parameters

During the transformer design process, design engineers need to quickly verify that their designs satisfy the various interrelated transformer design requirements. These would include the size of the core, the required turns ratio in the primary and secondary for a specified factor, the operating frequency, and the input and output voltages. This design idea presents a handy C program that provides quick calculations for almost any type of transformer design parameters on-the-fly.

The input parameters to the programs are:

  • Primary input voltage
  • Secondary output voltage
  • Operating frequency
  • Required output power
  • Efficiency

The design parameters computed by the program are:

  • Required core cross-section
  • Primary turns
  • Secondary turns
  • Primary current
  • Secondary current

This program has been tested using a Turbo C++ DOS-based compiler, and it works well.

See associated figure

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