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Resistors Control Power In Automotive Apps

Designed for the automotive industry, the OARS series open-air metal element resistors have a power rating of up to 2W at 25¡C, with 1W at 85¡C, and resistance values as low as 0.003½.The design is said to allow air to circulate underneath the resistive element for increased heat dissipation and is claimed to give circuit designers an economical surface mount alternative to conventional axial devices for circuits in current sense, feedback and pulse overload applications that require a low-ohm resistor with high-power handling capabilities. With TCRs of ±20 ppm per ¡C, the product has inductance values of less than 5 nH, and an operating temperature range from -40¡C to 125¡C. INTERNATIONAL RESISTIVE COMPANY INC., Boone, NC (828) 264-8861.


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