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RFI/EMI Chokes Deliver Higher Performance-To-Saturation Ratio

Designed by winding the choke so that it is current compensated, this new line of EMI/RFI noise-suppression chokes is said to feature a high performance and saturation ratio. Targeted applications for the devices include telecomm equipment, servers, computers, medical equipment, and equipment with no ground connection. Typical uses would include protecting digital circuitry from mains-born interference, suppressing high interference levels from ultrasonic generators, fast rectifiers, switched mains equipment, and enhancing phase-angle control circuits. Manufactured with UL-rated materials, the chokes are available with current ratings from 0.3A to 5A. Maximum operating voltage is 250 Vac, rated at 40°C, as opposed to the industry-standard rating of 25°C. Quantity pricing begins at $0.60 each with a delivery time of eight weeks.


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