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Right-Angle Rotary Switch Claimed As IndustryÕs Smallest

Said to be the industryÕs smallest right-angle, surface-mount encoded rotary DIP switch, the new CD Series measures 8 mm square by 4 mm highÑaround 35% smaller than existing devices. Available in octal, binary coded decimal and hexidecimal versions, the new switches feature a crisp, positive action ensuring actuation. Switching applications include data storage devices, computers and peripherals, and instrumentation.The CD Series requires no extra accessories to be compatible with pick-and-place production techniques. The rotary switches are process sealed to withstand soldering and cleaning, and allow users to take advantage of true miniaturization without the need for using mixed through-hole and surface-mount technologies. ITT INDUSTRIES, Cannon/Switch Products, Watertown, MA. (617) 926-6400


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