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Shielded Power Pots Deliver High Inductance

Lauded as the industry’s first off-the-shelf, super high inductance pot core inductor, this new power pot has 23 standard values for each of the five different sizes. The RL-7300 has inductances ranging from 10 mH to 1H, handling currents from 12 mA to 1A. It is designed to handle dc currents while maintaining a stable inductance due to high saturation currents and self-shielding. A compact, easy-to-mount device, the RL-7300 is useful in telecommunication, audio, and automotive applications including DC chokes, differential mode chokes, filters, switching circuits and low power circuits. Pricing is $0.85 ea./1,000. Delivery is stock to four weeks. RENCO ELECTRONICS INC., Rockledge, FL. (800) 645-5828.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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