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SMT Inductors Ready For Use In Distributed Power Architectures

Designed for dc/dc converters and ac-to-dc switchmode power supplies, the PG0067 and PG0077 surface-mount inductors employ helical windings, said to result in low direct current resistance (DCR) ratings, reliable thermal efficiency, and current ratings up to 33 Adc. Model PG0067 measures 4 mm high and Model PG0077 6.5 mm. Measuring 14 x 13.5 mm, the PG0077 inductors use a distributed gap powder core and are available in values from 0.16 µH at 33A to 2.65 µH at 13A. The 13 x 12.8-mm PG0067 series uses a discrete gap core with values ranging from 0.27 µH at 17A to 4.90 µH at 5A. Available in trays and on tape-and-reel, prices start at $0.55 each/100K. PULSE ENGINEERING INC., San Diego, CA., (858) 674-8100.


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