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SMT Power Chokes Suit Signal Conditioning and Filtering

The company's six new surface-mount power chokes are said to be primarily suited for filtering and signal conditioning applications. The devices are available in values ranging from 1.5 µH to 15mH and feature a low-profile packaging. The new additions include two shielded models, the SRR0603 and SRR0604, and four non-shielded models, the SDR0602, SDR0503, SDR1005, and SDR2207. With a current rating of 16A, the model SDR2207 has the highest-current carrying capacity of the lot. Per-piece pricing is $0.26 for the model SDR0503, $0.33 for the SDR1005, $0.41 for the model ADR0602, $0.45 for the SDR2207, $0.40 for the SRR0603, and $0.45 for the model SRR0604.

Company: BOURNS INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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