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SMT Power Supply Caps Can Withstand High Solder Reflow Temperatures

Available with capacitance values of up to 40 µF, the SE4 series of metallized polyester surface-mount capacitors are designed to operate at temperatures up to 125°C and to withstand solder reflow temperatures up to 260°C. And their reliability factor is said to be comparable to MIL-PFR-55514. Designed for use in next-generation decoupling power applications, these power supply capacitors are also said to be suitable replacements for encapsulated PPS, polyester and ceramic caps.
Two lead frame configurations are available: gull-wing and J style. Other performance parameters for the SMT caps include voltage ratings up to 200 Vdc, DV/DT as high as 217 V/µs, and peak currents up to 1,736A. The totally encapsulated devices can operate at humidity levels of up to 90%. Prices range from $2.50 to $8 each, depending on quantity, and delivery time is from four to eight weeks.


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