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SMT Tantalum Capacitors Exhibit Low ESR

Claiming to exhibit 10% to 50% less ESR than equivalent, standard tantalum capacitors, the T520 series surface-mount, KO Caps use a conductive, organic polymer that replaces MnO2 as the cathode plate. In addition, the organic polymer-type capacitors are said to improve capacitance retention at high frequencies. The caps also feature a benign failure mode, which eliminates the ignition failures that can occur in standard tantalum capacitors-- removal of the MnO2 eliminates the source of oxygen that can fuel the ignition if the capacitor shorts in a circuit that allows high-fault current. The T520 series is offered in EIA cases in capacitance values from 100 to 330 µF in voltage ratings from 4V to 10V. The maximum ESR limits range from 80 to 45 milliohms depending on CV.


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