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SMT Thermistors Tolerate Hostile Environs

The 2322 615 3x and 2322 615 5x negative temperature coefficient, surface-mount thermistors stand up to harsh use by employing a sealed glass housing; they also offer improved soldering characteristics by using nickel barrier terminations. Typical applications for the components include temperature compensation, sensing and protection circuits; they can also be used for regulating the temperature of optoelectronic components. Offered in 0603 and 0805 package sizes, the thermistors span resistance values of from 2.2 to 100 kilohms at 25°C with standard tolerances of ±2%, ±3%, ±5% and ±10%, with ±1% offered as an option. Calibration constant tolerance over a temperature range from 25°C to 85°C is ±1%; operating temperature range is from -40°C to +150°C with a maximum power dissipation of 125 mW at 25°C. The thermistors come in a paper tape-and-reel package. For prices, call Michele Henry at BCCOMPONENTS, Alpharetta, GA. (678) 366-9970.


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