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Solid Niobium Caps Set To Compete With Tantalums

A line of solid capacitors using niobium as the anode material has been developed to compete with tantalum caps. The development effort was undertaken in large part because niobium is a plentiful material whereas tantalum has occasionally been in short supply.The solid niobium caps are also lower in weight than the tantalums. Capable of serving as drop-in replacements for tantalum capacitors, the niobium caps employ a standard MnO2 cathode and are said to have cleared the hurdles that prevented them from going head-to-head with tantalums in the past. The first three capacitors in the line come in 293D, 292D and 595D form factors with capacitance values ranging from 10 µF to 1,000 µF. Voltage ratings are 6 and 10 WVdc and operating temperatures range from Ð55¡C to 85¡C. The capacitors are sampling now. For further information and prices, contact VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY INC., Malvern, PA. (610) 644-1300.


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