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Stackpole’s SMD Resistor Shuns Sulfur

Promising more reliable service in high-sulfur conditions than traditional resistors, the RMCS series surface-mount resistors are available in sizes from 0201 to 2512 and in resistance values from 10Ω to 22 MΩ. Each resistor in the series is RoHS compliant and offers a 0Ω jumper for each size. Tolerances range as low as 1% and TCs as low as 100 ppm. The components employ a proprietary inner termination material that significantly reduces the amount of silver present, a condition common to most standard chip resistors. They are viable for a variety of automotive and industrial applications such as power plants or other industrial controls including fuels, oil, coal, belts, and hoses. STACKPOLE ELECTRONICS INC., Raleigh, NC. (919) 850-9500.


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