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Surface-Mount Thermistors Serve Broad Range Of Products

Available in a new 0603 case size, the NTHS series of thermistors claims to provide a versatile solution for temperature measurement, control and compensation applications in a broad range of end products, including cell phones, automotive systems, computers, medical instruments, and consumer appliances. The negative temperature coefficient devices in surface-mount packages have high-density monolithic construction with a nickel barrier conductor. And in addition to the 0603 version, the thermistors also are availabe in 0805, 1206 and 1012 sizes with solderable wrap-around terminations. Standard resistance values range from 220 ohms to 330 kiloohms, while temperature coefficient of resistance values for the devices include -4.4%, -3.83%, -3.5%, -4.68% and -4.54%. Both ±5% and ±10% tolerance options are available.


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