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Tantalum Caps Take A Bite Out Of ESR

Tantalum Caps Take A Bite Out Of ESR

Exploiting a multi-anode mirror design, the D sized TPM Series 47-μF/25V tantalum capacitor specifies what may be the lowest ESR in the industry at 55 mΩ. In comparison, a single anode part in the same package reportedly has an ESR of 100 mΩ and an E case device (same footprint, bigger case size) provides a minimum ESR of 80 mΩ. Dubbed the first mirror design multi-anode parts rated at 35V, the TPM Series D 22μF cap is suitable for use in circuits with high current and voltage spikes where the profile is limited to just 3 mm. For higher operating voltages, the TPM D 10μF/50V is available with an ESR of 140 mΩ. AVX CORP. Myrtle Beach, SC. (843) 448-9411.


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