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Tech Program Shows How To Select Precision Resistors

Vishay Precision Group now offers a technical program that instructs attendees how to select precision resistors. The educational session illustrates differences among thin-film, thick-film, and foil resistors and is available by user request and held at the user's site. In the program titled "Selecting Precision Resistors," the company covers the electrical properties and stress factors of each resistor type, emphasizing their theoretical and actual resistor performance characteristics. The program includes a demonstration that illustrates in real time the differences among the three resistor technologies when exposed to several stress factors. Stress analysis principles are discussed as well as methods for locating and predicting stress concentrations in analog circuits using common techniques. To schedule a session, go to http://www.vishaypg.com/foil-resistors/technical-demonstration. Vishay Precision Group, Malvern, PA. (484) 321-5300.

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