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Technology Simplifies Millimeter-Wave Radio Development

Heralded as a new approach forecasting unprecedented integration levels in high-performance analog electronics, the company's patent-pending, monolithically integrated analog front-end and antenna structure employs metal-insulator electronics instead of semiconductors to integrate antennas and analog electronic components on the same substrate. This approach predicts significant cost reductions while making 60-GHz wireless systems practical for consumer markets. As transmission power levels for 60-GHz radios is restricted to low levels, high-gain antennas are required. A problem for radio designers, high-gain antennas are exceedingly directional, meaning the designer has to create an antenna system that can automatically locate and point to connected devices. The company's technology promises to solve this and other problems associated with millimeter-wave radios by allowing local frequency conversion at the edge of each antenna array, simultaneously eliminating transmission line losses and allowing designers to place antennas in their optimal locations without increasing costs. Containing no semiconductors and relying on quantum tunneling, the company's devices are reportedly simple to manufacture using available semiconductor equipment and, in high volumes, will be less expensive than silicon-based electronics. For more details, call PHIAR CORP., Boulder, CO. (303) 443-0373.

Company: PHIAR CORP.

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