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Thermistors Need No Adjustment Between Sensor And Control Circuit

Applications requiring accurate temperature control compensation have new candidates for the assignment in the form of negative temperature coefficient thermistors. The highly precise thermistors are said to have excellent thermal cycle endurance and an operating temperature range of -50ºC to 110ºC. And they require no adjustment between control circuit and sensor. Available in all resistance-temperature curve materials, the NTC thermistors have resistance values at 25ºC from 1 to 47 K?. Standard tolerances are ±1%, ±3% and ±5%. Dissipation value is 2 mW/ºC in still air with a typical thermal time constant of 15 seconds. Maximum power rating is 10 to 15 mW at 25ºC. SELCO PRODUCTS CO., Orange, CA. (800) 257-3526.


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