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Thin Film Precision Resistor Networks Come In SOIC Packages

By combining a high resistor density with a temperature coefficient ratio tracking of ±5 ppm/°C, the NOMC series of surface-mount resistor networks are well suited for applications such as test, measurement, sensor, transducer, and voltage cross-current regulation circuits and in other areas that require precision feedback or dense packaging. The devices contains a total of 7 or 8 resistive elements and offers tolerances to ±0.1% and resistance ratio matching to ±0.05%. A typical temperature coefficient is ±25 ppm/°C. With a resistance range from 100 ohms to 100 kiloohms, standard off-the-shelf values are 1 kiloohm, 2 kiloohms, 5 kiloohms, 10 kiloohms, 20 kiloohms and 100 kiloohms.
Designers can choose from standard Tamelox or custom tantalum nitride resistor films. The resistor networks are packaged in 14-pin and 16-pin narrow-body molded SOICs with industry-standard 50-mil pitch lead spacing and a height profile of just 1.6 mm. Samples and production quantities are available with lead times of stock to eight weeks. Call for pricing.


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