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Thin-Film Resistor Networks Tighten Tolerances

Promising increased levels of precision and stability, the company has enhanced its nickel-chromium thin-film technology to create resistor networks with absolute tolerances of less than 0.05% and TCRs below 25 ppm/°C. Improvements in production, such as laser tailoring, ion-beam milling, and sputtering systems are said to be responsible for these advancements. The resistor networks are available in a range of standard and custom resistance values from 10? to 1 M? and with isolated or bused schematics integrating four to 23 resistors. With the aforementioned tolerance of less than 0.05%, ratio tolerances between resistors in a network is less than 0.01%. Tracking is less than 2 ppm over an operating temperature range from -55°C to +125°C and typical long-term stability is 50 ppm/year. The networks are available in standard plastic or hermetically-sealed IC packages including SOIC and QSOPs. Volume pricing is $0.85 each. BI TECHNOLOGIES CORP., Fullerton, CA. (714) 447-2457.


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