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Titanium Bolts And Screws Address Unique Designs

Titanium Bolts And Screws Address Unique Designs

The company’s titanium bolts and screws outfit standard designs or accommodate unique requirements for a range of aerospace apps. The externally threaded NAS and MS parts employ traditional titanium alloy TI-6AL-4V and weigh 40% less than comparable non-titanium hardware. In addition to weight savings, titanium fasteners exhibit high strength-to-weight ratio, high-temperature properties and stability, low density, and corrosion resistance.  Parts can achieve 160 KSI tensile strength and 95KSI shear strength and are available in various head types and drives, thread sizes, and diameters. All are available either uncoated or with aluminum or cadmium plate. 3V Fasteners Company Inc., Circle, Corona, CA. (951) 734-4391.

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