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Torque Tools Secure RF/COAX/SMA Connectors

Torque Tools Secure RF/COAX/SMA Connectors

To ensure the proper torque levels for RF, COAX, and SMA connectors, the company offers an array of torque tools. These include the TB Break-Over wrenches and Hand Torque Screwdrivers. The TB is commonly used with an open-ended spanner while the pre-set torque screwdriver with a crowsfoot spanner head that enables vertical access in places where conventional torque tools cannot be used. Spanners are available to suit standard sizes of all major connector manufacturers. For applications that require a torque tool to be used for round knurled or non-knurled nuts where gripping to tighten might damage the surface, the tools feature a unique wrench with a roller grip head. The head employs soft grip material that promises not to damage plastic caps, connectors, or tubes. Its spring loaded design allows the head to fit snuggly around the cap, tube, or connector. MOUNTZ INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 292-2214.
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