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Ultracaps Offer Values Up To 100F

Ultracaps Offer Values Up To 100F

Pumped for RAID back-up, smart grid, and portable electronics applications the latest members of the PowerBurst family of cylindrical, radial leaded ultracapacitor cells extend operating temperature up to 85°C and come in values ranging from 5F to 100F. The series carries a voltage rating of 2.3V and comes in seven specific capacitance values from 5F to 100F in sizes of 10 mm x 20 mm to 18 mm x 45 mm.  Other features include a capacitance tolerance of 0% to +40%. Pricing is $1.90 each/1,000 for parts with a capacitance of 10F. TECATE INDUSTRIES, San Diego, CA. (619) 398-9750.

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