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Video Demos Bulk Metal Foil Resistors

Vishay Precision Group offers an informative video demonstrating the thermal EMF characteristics of four resistor technologies: thin film, thick film, metal strip, and bulk metal foil. Titled “Thermal EMF Error in Current Sense Resistors”, the video shows how a slight temperature rise can introduce significant thermal EMF error voltages in the thin film, thick film, and metal strip resistors, yet causes practically zero thermal EMF error in the bulk metal foil resistor. Using a test that measures and compares the thermal EMF error of a resistor, in both magnitude and decay time, the demo highlights the inherent low thermal EMF characteristics of the company’s bulk metal foil resistors. The test system used includes a precision voltmeter, laptop, thermal EMF test fixture, and 50-mΩ 2512 current sensing resistors. The thermal EMF demo is available on the company’s website. VISHAY PRECISION GROUP, Malvern, PA. (484) 321-5300.

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