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Wafer Inductor Measures 1 mm Thick

Measuring just 1-mm thick and having a 6.6 x 5.5 mm footprint, the LPO1704 Power Wafer inductor is reported to be 20% thinner than the lowest profile competitive power inductor. The new power inductor is suitable for use in size-critical applications that include PC Cards, PDAs, notebook computers, mobile phones, and other handheld products. The inductor is available with current ratings up to 3.6ARMS. A specially designed ceramic case protects the winding, while a flat top provides a surface that accommodates pick-and-place assembly. Inductance values range from 1 µH to 330 µH. Price for a typical LPO1704 value is $0.49 each/10,000. A designerÕs kit containing all 16 values is also available. For more details, contact Paul Liebman at COILCRAFT, Cary, IL. (847) 639-6400.


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