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Wirewound Resistors Strengthen Pulse Handling, Failsafe Operation

Wirewound Resistors Strengthen Pulse Handling, Failsafe Operation

Stackpole’s SP3A axial-leaded 3-W wirewound resistors can survive hundreds of 3-kV surges of less than 50 µs without failing or significantly shifting resistance. They also fuse quickly, without flame or significant heat, when subjected to continuous overloads of 120 V ac or more. Thanks to the company’s proprietary design, fast fusing is possible without sacrificing short-term pulse handling. Resistance temperature coefficient equals ±20 ppm. The UL-recognized resistors (file no. E344795), featuring tinned copper leads and a high-temperature silicone coating, come in resistance values from 10 Ω up to 100 Ω. Other non-UL-recognized values and sizes may be available (contact the company).


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