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PFC Single-Output Power Supplies Offer Tiny Footprint

Four new single-output models have been added to the company's line of Power Factor Corrected (PFC) power supplies. The new models are available in both medical and commercial versions, including two medical (M) units offering 115W and 250W output power, and two commercial (C) models with 110W and 250W output power.
The new units meet the requirements of IEC1000-3-2 for use in systems designed for worldwide markets. The new models all provide advantages over previous-generation and competing models, including a smaller footprint (up to 40% smaller) and overall volume (up to 38% less), lower cost for equivalent power output and many added features such as power/fail warning, remote sense and auxiliary fan output.
The GPFM115 provides 115W of continuous power with forced-air cooling, while the GPFC110 provides 110W. The GPFC250 and GPFM250 each provide 250W of continuous power with forced-air cooling. Pricing in lots of 100 is $78.55 each for the GPFM115; $68.30 for the GPFC110; $181.38 for the GPFC250; and $217.66 for GPFM250.

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