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Accurate Voltage Reference Has Low Temperature Coefficient

A new family of voltage references offers a wide range of voltage and precision options for easy integration into battery-operated and industrial applications. The LM4130 CMOS-series model has 0.05% accuracy and a 10-ppm/°C temperature coefficient in an SOT-23 package. It's available in five grades with three voltage options for greater flexibility. Also, its supply current is 75 µA, with voltage options of 2.048, 2.5, and 4.096 V. Available in two grades, the LM4120 boasts seven voltage options and a 24-µVPP reference noise. Its unique powerdown feature, or sleep mode, lets users save battery life by shutting it off when it's not operating. The LM4050/51 is a shunt reference that provides a 60-µA current and a 50-ppm/°C temperature coefficient. It comes in three grades with seven voltage options between 1.2 and 10 V. Pricing for the LM4130 starts at $1.35, while the LM4120 and LM4050/51 start at $0.85 and $0.75 respectively, in 1000-unit quantities.

National Semiconductor, 2900 Semiconductor Dr., P.O. Box 58090, Santa Clara, CA 95052-8090; (408) 721-5000; Internet: www.national.com.

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