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ADI’s ADV7623 HDMI 1.4 transceiver has fast switching


Weybridge, England: Analog Devices has expanded its Advantiv advanced television portfolio with the introduction of the first HDMI 1.4 (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) transceiver for home and pro (professional) AV (audio/video) designs.

ADI’s ADV7623 HDMI 1.4 transceiver has Xpressview fast switching technology which enables fast, seamless, automatic switching between HDMI-enabled AV devices. Designed for home theatre-in-a-box (HTIB) systems, AVRs (audio/video receivers), HBR (high-bit-rate) TV, pro-AV matrix switches, and sound bar speaker systems, the ADV7623 is the only HDMI 1.4 device to integrate a 4:1 multiplexed input HDMI receiver, HDMI transmitter, and CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) buffer and controller into a single platform says Analog Devices. 


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