Capacitors Execute Three-Phase AC-Power Harmonic Filtering

Capacitors Execute Three-Phase AC-Power Harmonic Filtering

The Type PFCH capacitor series from Cornell Dubilier Electronics, intended for the ac output of large inverter systems, filter undesirable harmonics before power is delivered to the grid or load. The three-phase, ac-power, harmonic-filter capacitors are fabricated with three self-healing metallized polypropylene windings, connected in delta, and enclosed in a cylindrical aluminum case filled with environmentally friendly fluid. Built-in bleeder resistors reduce voltage to safe levels when capacitors are taken offline for maintenance. At end of life, a UL810-approved internal mechanical pressure interrupter disconnects the capacitor winding from the circuit before pressure exceeds unsafe limits. PFCH ratings range from 0.5 to 17.5 KVAR at 240 V ac; 0.5 to 30 KVAR at 480 V ac, and 1 to 25 KVAR at 600 V ac. Case sizes range from 2.0 to 3.5 in. in diameter; lengths extend from 5.75 to 13.73 in. Applications include automated power-factor-correction equipment, wind-turbine PFC controllers, solar inverter output filters, and power-line conditioning.


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