Converters fit into tight corners

Space is the case the ASA Series of Astec Industrial Series DC Converters launched by Emerson Network Power. Designed for wide input voltage applications, the new ASA Series models can deliver 6 and 10W. The AEE single-output series, on the other hand, supplies 15W from an input voltage range of 9 to 36Vdc and 18 to 75Vdc, or 18 to 36Vdc and 36 to 75Vdc for the ASA 10W models.

With a selection of single and dual output voltages from 3.3 to 15Vdc, these devices feature small, encapsulated DIP packages fitting industry standard footprints. This makes them a solution for a variety of uses where space is at a premium, such as automotive, burn-in, IC fabrication equipment, test instrumentation, and wireless/wireline applications.

All models meet 1500Vdc input-to-output isolation requirements and have a demonstrated mean time between failures (MTBF) of 1 million hours. In addition to accepting a wide input voltage range, the units also operate over an extremely wide temperature range from -40 to 71°C on 6W and 15W models or -40 to 60°C on the 10W devices. All models offer overcurrent and short-circuit protection with automatic restart.

These units are available from stock at competitive prices. All models carry the CE Mark and are designed for RoHS compliance.

TAGS: Automotive
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