Converters Meet Next-gen Intel Processor Specs

A new family of dc-dc converters is designed to provide power to Intel’s next-generation processors. Comprising six models, the VRM11.X range brings flexibility to designers and developers of servers and workstations, thanks to its array of form factors and power-level options.

C&D Technologies’ converters comply with Intel’s VRM11.0 power specification, and take advantage of system airflow for optimal cooling. They also provide a space-saving alternative to embedded voltage regulators.

Both 80A and 150A current options are available. By combining those options with a choice of either 1U or 2U form factors, the VRM11.X family is able to address most next-generation Intel processor power applications.

The availability of three versions with “no load line” breathes even more flexibility into non-Intel applications, such as custom ASIC designs where low voltage, high output current and tight regulation are needed.

Common features for all modules in the family include DAC programmable output voltage, power good output, and differential remote sense and remote enable. Numerous supervisory functions, such as output overcurrent, short-circuit protection, an over-temperature indicator, and an output-current-level signal are also incorporated into the design.

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