Cutting The Cost Of Custom Supplies

Compact configurable power supplies, delivering from 400 to 2200W of customised power, will reduce design costs over earlier models.

A generation of configurable power supplies that offer a variety of customised power solutions from 400 to 2200W, with samples available in 24 hours, has been launched by XP Power. The fleXPower family of AC/DC power supplies is 25% smaller by volume than other products in the market.

Features of the power supplies include flexible series and parallel connectivity between units of different power levels, full medical and industrial approvals for safety and EMC, up to six outputs from 3.3VDC to 150VDC from a universal AC (85 to 264V) or DC (120 to 370V) input, floating controls and signals, field replaceable fans, an advanced logic interface, and an extended operating temperature range from -20° to +70°C.

Such flexibility will widen the appeal of configurable power supplies for electronic systems. This is particularly true when the extra functionality and improved power density are offered at a reduced cost over earlier models, claims the company.

The ability to interconnect units of different power levels enables system designers to closely specify the power level they need for each application without paying for excess power capabilities. This cuts overall system cost and improves efficiency, leading to greater system reliability.

Each fleXPower configurable power supply consists of a chassis for the required power level; there are 10 slots in models rated up to 700W, and 12 slots for the 900W versions. An extra 200W of power is available from all chassis at high line input, enabling the highest power chassis to provide 1100W under these conditions. In 2200W units, two 1100W units are combined. The increased output from high line input enables the power density to reach 7.3W per cubic inch. Individual plug-in modules are selected to build the power supply to the required rating and output configuration. Single-output modules with the same voltage can be paralleled to obtain increased output current. These modules can be in completely separate fleXPower power supplies, if necessary, with their outputs connected directly together and by making current-share connections. To obtain alternative output voltages, modules can be connected in series for up to 150VDC output. All outputs are adjustable by ±10%.

Units can be specified as industrial or medical types. Industrial versions meet EN61010/UL61010 and EN60950/UL60950. Medical versions meet EN60601-1/UL60601-1 and IEC60601-1-2 2nd edition. All versions, medical or industrial, meet their respective levels for leakage current, isolation, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Field replaceable fans mean that service inventory requirements can be minimised. Should a fan fail, the unit can be repaired quickly at minimal cost.

Floating signals improve design flexibility, allowing them to be configured active high or active low by the user. Standard signals check the presence of input voltage, global output voltages, individual module output voltages, and current-sharing status. Inhibit or enable signals are available for the whole power supply and for each module. Remote output voltage programming is also possible.

The efficiency of fleXPower units varies with each configuration, but it's typically 85% at full load. Over-voltage protection is fitted to all modules and operates between 115% and 130% of nominal. The unit is fitted with over-temperature protection and all modules are overload- and short-circuit-protected. Line and load regulation are better than 0.1% and 1%, respectively. Maximum ripple and noise are 50mV, or 1% peak-to-peak at 20MHz bandwidth.

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