Electronic Design

DC Power Jack Sockets Offer Three- And Four-Pin Options

The KPJX-CM series of dc power jack sockets from Kycon provides reliable cable mounting in three-pin and four-pin options (see the figure). As members of the company’s Snap and Lock DC Power Connector Line, these devices include panel-mount or non-panel-mount sockets as well as a cable-mount plug. The KPJX-CM has the same unique snap-and-lock feature, which helps prevent accidental disconnects and will lock with the mating KPPX cable-mount plug.

Insulation resistance is 50 MΩ minimum at 250 V dc, and contact resistance is 30 mA maximum. Dielectric strength is 250 V ac for 1 minute. The KPJX-CM sockets also are CSA/NRTL certified with durability tests to 1000 cycles. Applications include laptop computers, power supplies, and other portable digital equipment. Plugs are supplied in kits ready for assembly. For pricing details, contact the company.



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