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Digital Control Power Supply Exceeds 10 kW For Test Applications

The XDC 12 kW programmable digital control power supply provides ATE, production test, burn-in, bulk power, and OEM applications with power ranges beyond 10 kW. With its embedded controller's unique autosequencing capability, users can enter and save complex test sequences without external computers or software. Users can also construct and execute up to 10 different test programs, each capable of 99 voltage level steps, with a manual or external trigger. And, users can store, recall, or set for default at startup 10 configurations of differing protection and output set points. Features include power-factor correction, zero-voltage soft switching, a constant-power mode, 16-bit digital processing, and remote sense with 5-V line-loss compensation. The XDC 12 kW weighs 170 lbs and measures 10.4 by 19.0 by 23.7 in. It is UL, CSA, and CE certified. Available in 10 models with a five-year warranty, the XDC 12 kW lists for $6170.

www.xantrex.com; (800) 667-8422

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