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Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Resources

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Resources

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming popular and regularly available. This page provides resources for Java and will be updated on a regular basis. Email me if you have additions or corrections.


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Highlighted Articles

Some of my favorite picks.








General Motors Articles   GM Segways Into 2 Wheel Concept
GM Hybrids
Chevrolet Volt
Nissan Articles   Nissan Leaf
Toyota Articles   Toyota Hybrids
Tesla Motors Articles Videos Electric And Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Charge Ahead
Ford Motor Company Articles Videos  
Zap Articles

All-Electric Vehicles Prepare To Shock The Automotive Market

Hardware and Tool Vendors

Microsoft Articles Videos  
Texas Instruments Articles Videos  



Useful Websites


Site Comment
CarTalk Fun comments. Useful info on all kinds of cars.

News, Reviews and Forums

Site Comment
GreenCar News, reviews and blogs
Technology Review General technology site with electric and hybrid coverage



Trade Shows


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