Fairchild Taps into Asian Power Market

Taipei, Taiwan: To boost its position in the lucrative Asian power-management IC market, Fairchild Semiconductor plans to acquire 100% of Taipeibased System General Corp.’s outstanding shares. “We are excited to announce this deal with System General—a leading supplier of analog powermanagement semiconductors for ac-dc offline power conversion in computers, LCD monitors, printers, chargers, and consumer products,” explained Mark Thompson, Fairchild’s president and CEO.

“We believe System General has one of the top Asia-based power analog-management teams and their growing portfolio of pulse-width-modulated controllers, power-supply ICs, and power-factor-correction controllers, coupled with their customer relationships and strong local field-applications support, has made them a significant competitor in the Taiwan and China ac-dc powerconversion market,” added Thompson.

Fairchild believes the Asian market accounts for more than 65% of the global power-management IC business, and that six of the top ten power-supply OEMS are located in Taiwan.

Following completion of the transaction, System General will become a wholly owned Fairchild subsidiary. Fairchild and System General’s management will work together to combine the power-conversion businesses of each company and form a single business unit.

The two companies appear well matched. System General is strong in PWM controllers in Taiwan and China, while Fairchild is one of the leading providers of ac-dc offline regulators in Korea and China. Fairchild expects to continue developing the Taiwanese R&D design centre that was already established by System General.

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