Industrial battery offers high capacity and long life

Maxell Europe’s new lithium battery for OEMs, the CR17450, is said to be environmentally-friendly and combine the high-power capabilities of spiral batteries with the capacity and lifetime of bobbin units. It is designed for use in automotive, industrial and facilities management sectors.

Its ‘spiral wound’ construction and improved electrical-conductivity structures provide high-rate discharge capabilities (maximum pulse discharge current 1,000mA), while its high temperature tolerance (operating range -40°C to +85°C) make it suitable for use in most environments. The battery’s performance remains stable across this temperature range and the unit is laser-welded for protection against moisture and ensures a low self-discharge rate.

In the industrial sector, uses include security equipment and powering electronic meters. Other applications could include long-term support of devices such as smoke alarms, home security devices, electronic toll collection systems, automatic meter readers (water, gas and electricity), locators and transponders back-up power for memory.

The batteries are on the market throughout Europe for OEM use as a build-in part. Maxell has eliminated the use of lead in the battery, while clear tubes and labels are made from recyclable PET materials. The battery is produced at the Maxell Ono plant, which meets ISO 14001 criteria.

TAGS: Automotive
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