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Lockout-Action GFCI Protects Against Ground Faults

The Smart Lock is a lockout-action ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that offers enhanced personal protection features. It prevents GFCIs from being reset after they have been damaged and are unable to provide ground-fault protection. It also prevents users from incorrectly assuming that a GFCI that has been reset is still providing ground-fault protection. Once ground-fault protection is compromised, the lockout action mechanically prevents the reset button on the device from re-engaging, ensuring that power to the GFCI and downstream devices remains off. Available in 15- and 20-A versions, it's suitable for installation in both public and private areas where electrical shock presents a risk. A line-load reversal diagnostic feature detects line-load miswiring. UL trip-time requirements are met or exceeded. Contact the company for pricing.

Leviton Manufacturing Co., 59-25 Little Neck Pkwy., Little Neck, NY 11362-2591; (800) 323-8920; fax (800) 832-9538; www.leviton.com.

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