Micrel launches Kickstart power distribution switches

Micrel has launched the MIC2014/15/16 chips as additions to its family of high-current protected power switches. The new chips have Kickstart current limiting built-in with the aim of making peripheral power management more adaptable. The chips are part of the family of MIC20xx power distribution switches introduced in August.

The new product line is aimed at applications in which current limiting acts as protection against short circuits, including PCs, set-top boxes, game controllers and USB host devices. Many such consumer devices need an initial burst of power, above their steady state operating level, to get up and running. This initial surge is a problem for ordinary current limiting switches because they’re designed to restrict sudden surges in current. Their response is incompatible with the peripheral’s needs.

The MIC2014/15/16 are available in volume quantities and in two package options; SOT-23 and 2 x 2mm MLF. The ICs offer 70mohm typical on-resistance, fault flagging and slew rate control — all in the smallest form factors available. These ICs are can serve multiple (USB) ports to save money and space. Standard features include a 2.5V to 5.5V operating range, output enable control input, thermal protection, under voltage lock-out, low quiescent current and fault masking that prevents nuisance alarms on current surges or hot plug events.

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