Military COTS UPS provides back-up down to -40 °C

XP Power’s rugged 1.5kVA UPS, the MXi1500, is for naval or ground mobile military applications where high levels of shock or vibration could damage an industrial UPS. It is available in 19in rack-mount format with the option of a ruggedised transportation case. The 19in rack format MXi1500 and battery pack are each 2U high. The unit has integral battery heating pads to prevent low temperatures affecting battery performance, so start-up can be relied upon down to -20 °C in the standard product. A customised version that operates down to -40 °C is also available.

Based on the Xi1500 Series COTS UPS, the MXi Series is 87% efficient and accepts dual AC inputs, so that battery back-up is maintained in the event of a supply failure. Input transient suppression and EMI filtering protect against the AC supply being subject to interruptions, voltage variations, transient spikes and high noise levels.

Integral electronic bypass protects the output and fault conditions are indicated both on an LCD panel and by an audible alarm. The standard MXi battery module houses eight VLRA-type batteries packs with a five or ten year design life. They take fewer than four hours to re-charge to 90% capacity.

Monitoring and control is provided via an RS232 interface and the software supplied with the UPS supports all versions of Windows, plus Novell and Linux. The MXi1500 UPS is available in a dust and moisture proof transportation case.

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