Mini Module Family Welcomes Nine New Members

Seventeen’s a crowd? Not so, says Vicor, at least in terms of its mid-power Mini dc-dc converter family. Nine new converters now push the family to 17 in total. The latest members include: 100W models at 2 and 3.3VOUT, 150 W models at 5, 12, 15, 24, 28, 36, and 48 VOUT

The 300 Vin Mini family now comprises 17 models, with output voltages spanning 2 to 48 Vdc and power levels from 100 to 250W. The converters operate from 300V nominal input, with an input range of 180 V to 375 V. Efficiencies range up to 89% for the higher output voltages. These models come in five different environmental grades, with six different pin options and three baseplate options.

The modules, which incorporate Vicor’s patented low-noise zero-current and zero-voltage switching (ZCS/ZVS), can be used in a variety of applications. These include off-line systems with autoranging front ends, industrial and process control, distributed power, medical, ATE, communications, defence, and aerospace. Low-noise ZCS/ZVS reduces the design effort and filtering costs required for power converters to meet agency conducted emissions requirements.

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