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Multi-output supplies flexible 1U ‘Pizza Box’ applications

Power-One has expanded its BLP55 Series by adding the BLP55-3000 and the BLP55-3300 triple-output AC/DC power supplies. These products are suitable for 1U ‘pizza-box’ applications because they are cheap and can provide more flexibility in the physical layout and power distribution architecture of the host system.

The flexibility of the host-system’s physical-layout arises from the need for less airflow which means it doesn’t have to be adjacent to a cooling fan. Also , its height of 1.25in reduces airflow shadowing allowing greater cooling for downstream devices.

The power-distribution architecture’s flexibility is due to the 3.3V and 5V outputs, making the Series suitable for any combination of bus voltage and/or direct-power usage.

Both models accept 85 to 264VAC input, and need 10 LFM of cooling to provide full-rated power. The BLP55-3000 delivers +5V at 5A, +12V at 2.5A, and -12V at 0.7A. The BLP55-3300 provides +3.3V at 5A, +5V at 2.5A, and +12V at 0.7A.

Additional features include a 3.00 x 5.00 x 1.25in (76.2 x 127.0 x 31.8mm) package that is compatible with industry-standard footprints and connectors, remote sense and output overvoltage protection.

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